Listen live to Americana Breakdown, hosted by Art Hanson, on Bluegrass Country every Saturday evening from 7:00 pm until 10:00 pm ET for the very best in American roots music! Click here for how to listen.

Click here for the Bluegrass Country archive. Two weeks of shows are archived.

To listen to the archive, scroll to the desired date/time and click the date/time (for the Americana Breakdown archive, this is the Sat 6pm-12am time slot). The archive will begin playing in the online media player. You can move the cursor to the desired time you want to hear (the Americana Breakdown archive begins at 1:00:00 of the Sat 6pm-12am time slot).

If you would like to download the archive, right click the down arrow to the right of the selected date/time slot and click “Save link as” to begin the download.

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